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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (888) 226-0076 for assistance. Please note, this number is for accessibility issues and is not a ticketing hotline.


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  • Health Policy Information

    CLICK HERE for the most recent Health Policy information for The National.

  • What is The National like?

    It is a music-lover’s fantasyland. We have a state-of-the-art V-DOSC sound system, only the sixth installed in the country and only the third installed on the East Coast (what this means to the uninitiated is that our sound system is bigger, better and clearer than anywhere else). We have a 42X32X4.5 ft. stage with unlimited clearance for hanging sound and lights systems. You will have a great view of the stage from anywhere in the venue and to be sure you don’t miss a single thing there are several video screens and monitors located throughout The National that show the concert. And it looks cool. With wooden floors, brick walls, and five full bars, the room’s clean design and sharp style make any patron (and band) look good.

  • Where is The National?

    We are where you and any act worth seeing want to be. The National is located at 708 East Broad Street in Richmond, VA.

  • How can I contact The National?

    You can contact the management office at 804-612-1900 ….when the moon is right we can be contacted through telepathy and via a Ouji Board.

  • How can I get tickets to The National’s shows?

    The National’s box office is open EVERY THURSDAY + FRIDAY from 10am to 5pm.

    Tickets are available at thenationalva.com, AXS.com and in person at The National Box Office. The National Box Office is open Thursday and Friday between 10am – 5pm and one hour prior to the doors opening the night of the show. Additionally, tickets for events at The National are available for purchase at The NorVa Box Office in Norfolk, located at 317 Monticello Avenue.

    Don't get ripped off! AXS and The National Box Office are the only authorized sellers of tickets. The National is not responsible for tickets purchased anywhere other than through AXS or through The National Box Office and will not honor, exchange, or refund counterfeit, duplicate or invalid tickets. We cannot verify tickets purchased through third parties in advance for you.

  • I bought tickets through other, secondary market sources (ie., “scalpers” online or in person) – are my tickets legit?

    The National does not endorse using any secondary ticketing sources. Our Box Office can not resolve any issues involving them, such as lost tickets or bogus tickets. Tickets for all of our shows are sold through AXS, or in person at the Box Office at The National. Tickets are sometimes available through fan club sites as pre-sales or special VIP packages. The National has the right to cancel ticket transactions that are suspected of being purchased for the sole purpose of reselling.

  • What is AXS Mobile ID?

    AXS Mobile ID is AXS' method of mobile ticket delivery.

    • Go to your app store on your smart phone and download the AXS app.
    • You must log in to the AXS.com app using the email you used to create your account and purchase tickets. Using the wrong email address will make your tickets appear unavailable.
    • Go to MY EVENTS and your event should be listed.
    • Click on the event and it will bring up your tickets to be scanned.
  • What is seating like at The National?

    The National is a general admission venue with 300 padded stadium seats with cup holders in the balcony and an open first floor. Seating is available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We recommend standing for a wide variety of reasons – you can dance, you look taller, you’ll have a better view of the stage and any potential new friends you might try to make during the show, it’s good exercise and its just cooler.

    We occasionally have reserved seated shows for special events. If this is the case, we will make it clear both on our website and on the AXS ticketing page. So no need to worry about any surprises!

  • What time do doors open for a show?

    We usually open doors an hour before show time. Remember that’s a “usually,” not an “always.” We try to get people into the venue as quickly as possible, but before we can open those doors, everything must be clean, everyone must be in their proper places, the band has to have warmed up and we must have had a group hug, so occasionally things take a little extra time.

    Door and show times vary depending on the night’s line-up (how many opening acts there are, what day of the week it is, etc.). Check our calendar or your ticket face to find the time for a particular show. Typically, shows during the week are earlier than those on weekends.

  • How many guests can The National hold?

    The National has a capacity of 1,500 average-sized guests.

  • Is The National handicapped accessible?

    Yes, The National is a handicapped accessible facility. For assistance, please contact any member of staff upon your arrival.

  • How old do I have to be to get into The National?

    Shows at The National are all ages unless otherwise specified.

  • Can guests smoke in The National?

    Some people like to smoke. Some people don’t. In order to accommodate everyone our rules are as follows: smoking is not allowed inside The National. Our smoking lounge is located in the outdoor patio beside The National, accessible through the doors from the right when facing the stage.

  • Are food and beverages available at The National?

    You bet. We have five full bars located on the first and second floors, all offering beer*, wine*, and liquor*.

    We also offer cheese or pepperoni pizza by the slice. Pizza can be ordered at any of the bars.

    *We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and illegal substances and we will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law (and we’ll tell your parents and it will make us very upset and our staff upset and believe us, it’s not worth the consequences). So if you are underage, enjoy your youth, the music and any number of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Is there an ATM located inside of The National?

    Of course there is. We have everything you could possible want in a concert venue. As you walk into The National from Broad Street the ATM is located on your left.

  • Do you have a coat check?

    We have one on the first floor, but like coats, the coat check is seasonal and only used during the winter months.

  • Can I take pictures during a concert at The National?

    We welcome you to take as many photos as you desire, but all professional cameras (any camera with a removable lens) require a photo pass that must be approved ahead of time by the artist’s press contact and/or their management. Photo passes are not issued from The National staff. In other words, if you're looking to obtain one - don't ask us. If you do not have a photo pass approved prior to the show, we will unfortunately ask you to take your camera back to your vehicle.

    Use of flash is strictly prohibited for all cameras. This includes your cell phone. Trust us, you'll get a much better picture without your flash and you won't temporarily blind everyone around you. Win win.

  • What can’t you bring into The National?

    In this respect we are like an airport – no weapons, no chains (pocket chains), no selfie sticks, no backpacks of any kind or oversized bags, no containers of any type, no umbrellas, no illegal substances, no mace, no colors, no jokes. We take security very seriously and if you have any problems, please contact someone in the box office or a member of the staff.

  • How do I book an event at The National?

    Information about special events at The National can be found our Rentals page!

  • Other Rules and FAQ:
    • Tickets purchased in front of the venue are usually counterfeit and admittance with a counterfeit ticket will be denied.
    • We cannot verify tickets purchased from third parties in advance for you.
    • No outside food or beverages, weapons (includes pocket knives), no smoking (including e-cigarettes), no back-packs or oversized bags, no camelbaks, no selfie sticks, no hula hoops.
    • Shoes and shirt required.
    • You will be ejected for throwing ANYTHING.
    • All shows are general admission unless otherwise specified.
    • All bags will be searched.
    • The National does have a lost and found. Contact us at 804-612-1900 and we'll try our best to find your lost item.